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We invite you to visit us to experience the community we’ve created. You may very well find you fit perfectly at River Road Church!

Who We Are

We warmly welcome new members into fellowship, eager to show the love and nurturing that River Road offers.

Staff & Leadership

Meet the ministerial, support, preschool center, endowment and board/committee leaders that help support the life of River Road Church.

River Road Church embraces worship that brings us close to God through thoughtful theology, liturgy, and the issues of the world around us, all of which matter to God.

Learn more about our intentional approach to worship and join us in person or online.

Worship begins at 11AM

Gather with us each Sunday in our beautiful sanctuary for inspired music and a relevant thoughtful message.

Children's Church

Children in the first through third grade are invited to Children’s Church, where they engage in age-appropriate activities related to the theme of the day.

We encourage you to join us for worship, in-person or online via livestream.

We believe that regular participation in worship sustains both the individual and the congregation.

Watch via YouTube

Livestream replays can be found on our YouTube Channel.

Worship Bulletin

If you are able, please print the bulletin and follow along.

More Info

Read more about our live service broadcast

Warm and welcoming, River Road Church embraces worship that brings us close to God through thoughtful theology, liturgy, and the issues of the world around us, all of which matter to God.

Learn about our style of worship, as well as music and periodic special services.

Planning a wedding and interested in potentially having your service at River Road Church?

Learn more about weddings in our sanctuary as well as who to contact as part of your planning.

If you are planning a memorial service for a recently departed loved one, River Road Church, Baptist offers ministerial support and care as you grieve, as well as assistance in planning the service.

Learn about our Columbarium Memorial Garden.

Discover opportunities for faith formation, community and learning for children and their families at River Road Church.

From weekly experiences of learning and music, to special events building fellowship and expressions of service, children are valued and nurtured.


Age graded groups for Bible study are provided for children from infants through 5th grade.


From experiences in worship, to expressions of service, play and music, children are nurtured in multiple ways.

Middle and High Schoolers

Youth are invited to participate in an open community in which middle and high schoolers can build meaningful relationships, engage in thought-provoking worship and Bible study, learn tools for personal spiritual formation, and serve others.

Sunday School

Youth gather weekly for interactive, relevant Bible study and fellowship.


From mission experiences to retreats and PASSPORT Summer Camp, youth are nurtured and challenged as they grow in faith.

Opportunities for 18 to late-20-somethings

Discover opportunities for 18 to late-20-somethings to gather in small groups and larger gatherings for study and fellowship.


Select from a variety of groups and approaches in which to study and grow.

Thoughtful Faith Community

Learn more about this time  to come together for fellowship and education.

Small Groups

Select from a variety of small groups including yoga, "fixers," book lovers, cinema buffs, and more!

Spiritual Formation

Discover opportunities to grow and connect, from our labyrinth and hiking trips, to team sports.

Life is a journey that brings joys and challenges.

As a family of faith, one of the most important and meaningful things we do is care for one another as we journey through life’s joys and sorrows.

Discover opportunities for pastoral care and support.

River Road Church Preschool Development Center is a school committed to partnering with parents in the raising of their young children.

Discover curriculum and programs that help children meet their individual social, emotional, spiritual, cognitive, and physical needs.

Get Involved

Discover multiple avenues for making a difference in the world through service to those in need.

Our Partners

River Road Church, Baptist works with and alongside multiple organizations working to care for others.

Make a joyful noise! River Road Church, Baptist celebrates a long tradition of quality music.

Participate in choirs, handbells, and experience performances of talented musicians. Learn about our approach to music in worship and how you can participate.

Adult Choirs

Discover opportunities to share your musical talent and grow in a community that plays a vital worship leadership role.

Children's & Youth Choirs

Choirs for children and youth help develop a love of music and provide an outlet for faithful creative expression.

Sharing great music in our sanctuary to reach out to the surrounding community since 1970.

Experience renowned organists, vocalists, and instrumentalists through our long-running concert series.

Reserve tickets today.

Sanctuary and Möller Organ

When planned in the late 1960s to accommodate a growing church, the design of the Sanctuary focused on the soaring aspect of a cathedral-type space that directed attention to the heavens. A classic pipe organ and complementary acoustics would assist in this effort.

The Chapel Organ

The chapel, originally built in 1950 as the first formal worship space at River Road Church, is still used for small worship services, weddings, and funerals.

Grand Pianos

River Road Church has been blessed to have in its inventory of instruments five grand pianos, each given to the church by members.


As a thoughtful community of faith, we celebrate multiple avenues for gathering to connect, learn, grow, be inspired and serve.

Thoughtful Faith Community

Make connections and build relationships Sunday evenings as we share a meal and fellowship together.

Distinguished Speaker Forum

Experience challenging and enlightening speakers on a variety of relevant topics. Get free tickets to upcoming events.

Events & Announcements

Discover upcoming events and opportunities at River Road Church, Baptist.

Online Church Directory

A member-only area offering contact information on congregational members.


Get the details on a variety of upcoming events, services, and opportunities.

Concert Series

Experience renowned organists, vocalists and instrumentalists through our long-running concert series. Reserve tickets today.

Mission Opportunities

Participate in ministries of love, care, and hope.

Endowment Fund

What is the Endowment Fund?

The Endowment Fund was created in 1967 to assist members and friends of River Road Church, Baptist in providing long-term support for RRCB and its programs.

The Fund is intended to be a permanent resource to directly benefit programs and ministries that the church could not typically fund through annual congregational giving and other sources.

This allows the Church to accomplish projects and programs in keeping with its mission and ministries that may not otherwise be possible.

What does the Fund Support?

The Board of Directors considers projects that can extend the reach of the River Road Church, Baptist’s mission to individuals, special situations, and other worthwhile projects.

The Board considers requests for both program support and purchases of long-term capital assets. Programs that could be considered for support include music, worship, missions, and Christian education.

Each year the Board of Directors publishes a report about the activities of the Fund. Board members are also available to provide informational programs about the Endowment Fund to interested groups.

How Can I Give to the Fund?

Giving to the Endowment Fund is a special way for members and friends to provide long-term support and blessings to River Road Church, Baptist.

Most donors allow the Fund to determine how their gifts can best be used to benefit RRCB. If you would like for the principal of your gift and/or the income it generates to be used only for a particular program or activity, the Fund will carefully follow those wishes.

You may also make gifts to the Fund in memory of a deceased individual or in honor of someone still living, providing an ongoing memorial that benefits RRCB and its programs.

More Details

See below for more details on giving to the Fund

Current Gifts

The Fund accepts gifts of cash, stocks, bonds and, in certain instances, real estate, or other assets.

Like gifts to RRCB itself, gifts to the Endowment Fund are deductible for income, gift, and estate tax purposes. To make an immediate gift, please bring or send your gift to the church office with a notation that it is for the River Road Church, Baptist Endowment Fund.

Future Gifts

You may provide future gifts to the Fund by naming it the beneficiary of an insurance policy, retirement plan benefit, individual retirement account, living trust, or brokerage account.

In your will you also may leave a share of your estate to the Fund in the form of cash, specific assets, a percentage of your total estate, or a contingent gift if a family member or other primary beneficiary does not survive you. By resolution of the Church, all estate gifts, trusts, and memorial gifts that are not designated for a particular purpose or given for use as general operating funds are irrevocably transferred to the Endowment Fund.


You may combine a gift to the Endowment Fund with provisions for family members by using such charitable giving vehicles as charitable remainder trust, charitable lead trust, and gift annuities.

Directors of the Endowment Fund are available to talk with you about giving opportunities. You should also consult your tax and legal advisors about the structure and tax consequences of various types of gifts.

How is the Fund Managed?

The Endowment Fund is a tax-exempt charitable corporation chartered on June 6, 1967.

It is legally separate from River Road Church, Baptist, but exists solely to support RRCB and its programs.

The Fund is administered by a twelve-person Board of Directors who are chosen for three-year terms and are eligible for reelection. The charter requires all Directors to be River Road Church, Baptist members. The Board of Directors appoints its own successors and fills all vacancies as they occur.

The Fund selects professional asset managers to invest its assets. Under the direction of the Board of Directors, investments are made with an eye toward conserving and increasing its capital value, while generating returns that will enable it to support additional projects of the Church.

Endowment Fund Board of Directors


Hilton Almond
Fred Bagwell
George Davis
Bill Gray
Sara Heisler
Andy McAllister
Kathryn Norman
Susan Phillips
Seth Roberts
Susan Rucker
Bill Stanton
Oliver Way