When Mike Clingenpeel announced his retirement we all wondered, “What’s next?” Let’s admit it – despite all of the thoughtful process that our church has put into place for calling a new pastor, the future can seem unpredictable. If you, like me, are uncomfortable with unpredictability, I have a suggestion. Let’s play to our strengths and focus our efforts on some of the things that we do really well at River Road.

For more that forty-five years, members of River Road have found comfort and inspiration in their church’s music. There are church members who tell me that there have a tremendous sense of anticipation when the Chancel Choir stands up in preparation to sing an anthem – or when our bell ringers lift their bells – or when our children’s or youth choirs move into position on the chancel steps. It is similar to the anticipation that our congregation has felt over the years as our many distinguished preachers have ascended the stairs to the pulpit.

Over the coming months, I hope that at least one thing will be completely predictable: the dedication of our choirs and congregation to singing and ringing people into a state of inspiration, gratitude, and awe – and that our worship may lead our congregation to ever new realms of service to God who created the beauty we appreciate and enjoy.