Easter Sunday began the liturgical season of Eastertide, a time for Christians to reflect on the resurrection of Christ and the moments of resurrection in our own lives as we seek to live out our faith.

This Easter season, we would like our RRCB friends and their family/friends who find moments of inspiration in their own lives, or read about them online, to post those moments to Facebook/Twitter with the hashtags #EasterContinues and #rrcb – and tagging the church social media sites (Facebook: @RRCBaptist and Twitter: @RRCBaptist) so that we can all share in these moments of inspiration.

Our pastor, Daniel Glaze points out to us that: Jesus kept comparing the Kingdom of God to this or that (a hidden treasure, a farmer sowing seed, a woman searching for a coin, etc.). Can we do the same in the 21st Century by using our own lives (or contemporary stories) as an example? Folks share inspirational stuff online all the time (I like Upworthy), so can we think theologically about our own lives as we watch Easter unfold around us?

Joining us in this sharing of inspiration is easy! If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, simply type out a status or tweet or share an inspirational photo/quote and somewhere in the post, type @RRCBaptist to tag the church page, and at the end of the post, add these two hashtags: #EasterContinues #rrcb

That’s it – join us in sharing in how resurrection and new life continue to make appearances as you live out your faith!