Originally published in the Summer 2016 Quarterly Explorer

We are today between the Old Testament and the New (are we the Apocrypha…?). In April, we celebrated and gave thanks for the vision and hard work of folks who “passed this way” years ago and left us with a vision, a heritage, and exquisite buildings from which to execute our mission. That foundation places us at an attractive place from where we can next journey ahead with the next chapters of the history we are about to write. Is that not a choice moment—to dream together— again?

The “cloud of witnesses” that followed God’s promptings to River and Ridge Roads now listen as we begin to dream our next vision under God. Such dreaming will always be shaped by the imagination of past sacred visions; it also nudges us to look at what God is asking us to engage in next.

Dreaming about worship here includes a deep appreciation for the atmosphere of reverence, reflection, and challenge we encounter. Music and thoughtful engagement are central to our calling in this sanctuary. Our forbearers also were concerned with inclusion, a central theological affirmation of Christ’s life and actions. May our capacity to include and embrace

Spiritual formation was also part of yesterday’s

dream. We are in a moment when we can shape new dimensions to personal Christian education and growth. Let us envision new ways to stretch our understanding and its impact on our “doing the good news”—every day.

The church can only call itself a Christian entity if it is also on mission. There are ways in which our ways of serving have created various expressions of care (have you noticed a list of mission opportunities in the pew rack lately, courtesy of our Communications Committee?). Shall we dream new ways of caring and serving, along with what we’ve already been called to do?

Creating a home and a family here has also been of importance. Can we dream of increased initiatives to form sustaining relationships, and find ways to foster even stronger ties of fellowship and nurture? And, can we find new gestures that invite those who have no home, to find a home with us?

Let’s dream—and form—a church, together, made in the image of God—for the future!