Back in January the Committee on Spiritual and Missional Growth met to begin its work. It has met regularly since then, and has listened to officers of our major boards describe their work and suggest ways our church may want to do our work better.IMG_0676

Along the way the committee generated the idea of placing “suggestion boxes” in several locations around the church to receive the input of our congregation. The church’s Coordinating Council discussed the idea, endorsed it, and suggestion boxes will be in place in common areas by the beginning of June.

Here’s how the system will work. Available near the suggestion boxes will be forms on which you can write your suggestion. Once a week the forms will be collected, assigned to the appropriate board for review, and the person making the suggestion will be informed as to the disposition of the suggestion.

You may have a suggestion about a mission project, an aspect of our worship, a program for Wednesday evening, a Sunday school topic of study, a change in our physical plant that would make it more lovely or functional. You get the idea.

The committee prefers that you sign your suggestion so you can receive feedback on how, when, or whether it will be implemented. Chairs of our major boards will review suggestions that fall under their board’s assignment. Signed suggestions carry a weight that unsigned comments do not.

The Coordinating Council hesitated before giving the idea their endorsement. Their fear is that suggestion boxes can become a magnet for criticism of individual staff members or anonymous criticism of programs or events at church. There are better, more appropriate, more Christian ways to critique staff or program performance than unsigned missives in a suggestion box. I think our staff would prefer you address them directly with your concerns. If you get no satisfaction, then take the complaint to me or a member of the Personnel Committee. Please do not use the suggestion box for that purpose.

We want our church to be the best it can be. Your suggestions will help us do that.


To view a sample Suggestion Form or to submit an online submission, please click here.