Ten-weeks-old Camden was totally focused on ceiling lights, especially the brilliant display in the entrance hall.   As I toured him through the house recently, I began to reflect on the importance of light in my life.

Even as a city kid, at a young age I loved to rise early to catch the first light of sunrise. For a period of time I delivered newspapers riding a bike, starting in the dark and riding into the light.  Now that’s a metaphor for much of my life – starting in darkness, not sure of things, but eventually riding into light. It was great on the bike and so it is in my spiritual life.

My daily early morning walk at my favorite vacation retreat once led me to a lake completely engulfed by fog. I could hear fishermen in a boat but could not see them. It was eerie. Then slowly the fog began to lift and all was clear. Another life metaphor for me – out of the fog the light does come, even if slowly.

Light is often used in the Bible to help us understand the presence of God; in fact, over 250 times. In the first chapter of Genesis, God creates light out of darkness. Surely that refers to spiritual light we receive from God as well as the physical light so important for life. Coming out of the darkness of the burden of sin, depression, or hard times and into the light of communion with God became real for me when I chose to be a follower of Jesus, and it is real today. Even so, darkness can still engulf like a moonless night or surprise like fog rolling in.

Being still, adjusting my vision, focusing on the moment, trusting, riding out the darkness, stepping out of a comfort zone, reaching out to another – the Light of God’s love and mercy does come, even if slowly.