Everyone experiences moments of disheartening, when “we lose heart” or find our spirit lowered. Continued low spirits introduce discouragement, which again carries the double term of “losing courage.” Increased intensity of discouragement can evoke depression, which is a more pervasive and enduring sense of loss of interest, joy, and passion in life.

Either of these distracting emotions occur in everyone’s life at some point. The heavier side of these distressing times are often misunderstood. On Sunday evening, November 16 and 23, 6-7 PM, we will have a dialogue on some of the common myths associated with levels of discouragement and depression. Here are a few of those myths:

  • Depressed people want to be depressed
  • I can beat depression with willpower
  • Depression is caused by unconfessed sins
  • People who are depressed have a weaker faith
  • You’re only depressed because you are feeling sorry for yourself
  • It is easy to tell when you are depressed
  • Depression is really just boredom
  • Depression is a waste of time
  • Christians understand & show support of depression
  • I can avoid depression by working harder/longer
  • I’ll never get over my depression, or have more energy

Join me as we identify signs of discouragement and depression, discuss myths about these struggles, and offer ways to cope with these strong emotions.