A pdf of the following information, Deacon Online Sign Up Instructions 2014, is also available.

Step 1: Sign Up for Access ACS

Access ACS is a password protected area that can be accessed with the following link:
This link is available on every page of our website in the header by clicking “Member Login.”  • •

If you have signed up for Access ACS already, login as normal.

If you have not signed up, when you click the link, click “Need a Login” and follow the instructions. Access ACS will send a user name and temporary password to your email account.   (In order to get a password, the church office must have your correct email address in our system.)  Once you login with the password, it will ask you to change it.  These are all security features.

Step 2: Finding Serving Opportunities

Once you are logged in, there will be a menu bard at the top.  Hover over “Serving” then click on “Search Opportunities.” From there you will see a list with categories such as:

  • Deacons: •October Worship Services
  • Deacons: November Worship Services
  • Deacons: December Worship Services
  • Deacons: January Worship Services
  • Deacons: Special Services
  • Deacons: Summer Vespers
  • Note: If you see other months available, that means a deacon was not available for an assignment and their posistion has not been filled.

Click on a heading to sort.  You may also search all of the listings. For instance, if being a greeter is your favorite thing to do, you can search “greeter” and it will bring up all of the opportunities still available to be a greeter. You can also search “communion” or “reception.”

Step 3: Signing Up

Click on the category that you are interested in and it will display all of the available opportunities that still need volunteers. For example, under the worship categories, you will see greeter, greeter alternate, communion, and receptions. Once an opportunity has been filled, it will no longer be visible.

Please click “Interested” next to the opportunity that you would like to sign up for. Your interest will then be sent to the contact and then approved.  Once approved, you will be able to see your assignments on your dashboard (main screen) when you log into Access ACS.  You should already be able to see previously assigned duties for February – September.

To learn more about Access ACS and its functionality, please read Sheryl Johnson’s article, “Accessing ACS: The Little Noticed Link.”

If you have any questions, please contact Cassandra Ducca (cducca@rrcb.org) or Sheryl Johnson  (sheryljohnson@rrcb.org).