Advent Devotions 2017
Day Twenty-two
December 24, 2017

“Not just a baby”

Not just a baby
born to make us feel good
once a year, he
came to change us
so completely that our neighbors
would have trouble
recognizing us:
a small collection
of people rich in compassion
and not easily distracted
by self-preoccupation;
a people so Christ-struck
as to wage peace everywhere
the whisper of war is blessed;
a clan so responsive to the face of Christ
among the homeless –  so as to bring
each hungry, shelterless child
out of the cold,
and into the sanctuary
of their lives;
a community so strung together
that its weakest member
is treated as royalty;
a family who has found
the secret of the greatest
human joy – in serving someone else…
Not just a baby –
but the powerful Presence
of One who doesn’t want us
to admire him,
but to follow.

Written by Dan Bagby
Art by Mike Patina