There are several attractive ways to create and develop a sense of belonging and fellowship, which the New Testament often called koinonia. Efforts to form a sense of connectedness during the week among the “scattered family of God” have evoked Bible Studies, Mission projects, In-Home visitation, and various invitations to fellowship over the years. RRCB has recently generated or revived three different opportunities for such communion for specific persons in our church family:

Widows and other Mature Singles Luncheon: Thanks to Liz Seward, an invitation to share a monthly lunch produced a gathering of twelve ladies at Eurasia Restaurant just over a week ago. You are invited to join this informal monthly fellowship, which will convene as a “movable feast” at a different location each month. There are no dues, each person pays for their own meal, and the benefit is a regular opportunity to meet & enjoy a meal with other folks and friends of our church. Please contact Liz Seward for any questions.

Young Adult Singles: Our church membership rolls identify at least 66 young adults ages 20-35 who are still “within fellowship distance” of the church building, and we are inviting those folks to respond to various opportunities for fellowship and activities as they wish. These important people in this age range are mostly working fulltime (or perhaps in grad school or military), often grew up at River Road Church, live on their own, are quite mobile, and making significant decisions about life and the future. If you know anyone in our congregation who needs a personal invitation or an email to keep in touch—and be kept in touch with—this cluster of folks—please let Dan Bagby know!

College Students: Our “dispersed” cadre of college students is mostly out of town, returning now and then, or in town, but going to school and working. Once stalwart members of our youth ministry, these very busy people will often “parachute” in & out of worship at RRCB, and sometimes be in town for the summer, but always in transition, and dreaming “what next and how.” Please remember them in your prayers, along with their families, and help us keep up with them—whether near or far from “Ridge Road and River Road.” Please contact Chester Phelps to keep him updated on what our college folks are doing—and how we may give support to their cause. Are there other ways we can form community in our church?

Please share any thoughts with your church staff!

By Dan Bagby, Interim Minister of Pastoral Care