Cookies with Clergy
Tuesday, May 5, 2020
8:00 p.m., Zoom

Your church clergy want to visit with you! Break open the cookie jar, pull out the ice cream, cut a bigger slice of cake to unwind during evening chat with a minister and some of your fellow church members. This week we’ll be joined by Anna Miller.

For security reasons, RSVP is required to receive the Zoom link. Sign up by 4PM on Monday, May 4, and the link will be sent out via email at 5PM on Monday. Scroll down to find the sign up form.

Anna Miller fun facts:

  • Favorite cookie: White chip macadamia nut cookies
  • Current favorite TV show: This Is Us
  • 3 Favorite Movies: Wonder Woman, Tomorrowland, and Cry Freedom
  • Favorite desserts: Shyndygz Bread Pudding & Bakers Crust Crepe Jamaica
  • Dog vs. Cat: Enjoy dogs and cats. Probably lean towards cats usually. Sucker for a kitten or puppy.
  • Beach vs. Mountains: Beach for family vacation, mountains for personal retreat

First time using Zoom? That’s okay!

  • Pre-download Zoom here (it includes links to download mobile apps for Apple and Android devices).
  • Unless you have a top notch internet connection at your home, it is recommended that other family members stay off internet during the Zoom (or at least do not stream video, play online games, etc.).
  • For the same reason, you will probably only want one connection in the house to the Zoom meeting. In other words, spouses should share the same phone or computer instead of being on separate devices.
  • If you lose your connection during the call, go back to the link provided above and log back in.
  • When you initially log in, mute your microphone and open up the chat feature to type questions and comments. After the initial greeting, we’ll have you turn your microphones back on for conversation.