The term “Electronic Giving” encompasses a wide range of secure, automatic payment methods that can be used to make regular church offerings and other contributions without the need to write checks, carry cash or prepare envelopes.

Electronic Giving works the same as the automatic payment methods used by many families to make mortgage or utility payments—and to receive payroll earnings or social security income.

Why Electronic Giving?

  • It’s good for you!
    • Provides convenience – There is no need to write checks or bring cash to church when contributions are made automatically. Your contributions are transmitted electronically and are deposited directly into the church bank account.
    • Keeps you on track with Stewardship commitments – Scheduled, automated offerings prevent you from falling behind on pledges.
    • Guarantees your uninterrupted support – Even the most committed churchgoers will occasionally miss services – and weekly offerings – due to illness, poor weather or vacation.
    • Provides you with today’s most popular payment methods – Many families – especially young families – rarely write checks or carry cash. Electronic giving offers payment options of direct debit through your bank or use of credit or debit cards.
  • It’s good for the church!
    • Delivers donation consistency to the church – Seasonal (summer) donation slump is reduced. Financial forecasting is improved. Planning can proceed with confidence.
    • Saves church staff time – As the effort to process cash and check donations decreases, the efficient use of staff time increases.
    • Adds greater security in the church office – Reduces handling of checks and cash.
    • Has a positive impact on the environment – Eliminates the use of paper checks and envelopes.

To get started, contact the Church Office, or through our website.