Psalm 32:1-11

All of us hope for happiness. I certainly do. The Psalmist says, “Happy are those whose sins are forgiven, whose wrongs are pardoned.” It is amazing, though, how we sometimes hang on to the very thing that keeps us from being happy! Pride and defensiveness rear their ugly heads and prevent us from the very confession that will bring relief from our anguish. Pride has not only kept me, on many occasions, from confessing that I’ve done wrong, but from even recognizing that wrong in the first place.

The recipe for bringing relief for our burdened heart is this: First, is self-examination and yearning for God’s leadership in our lives. Then setting aside pride in order to see things for what they are, followed by sincere confession to God. And, at last, accepting that God has love large enough to forgive us. The Psalmist gets right to the point, and says in verse 9, “Don’t behave like… a mule…” He also reminds us of God’s unfailing love, and how He guards us and enfolds us in salvation. We are to obey Him, and then rejoice – shout for joy! We are loved and forgiven!

Ann Hays