As I write this blog, I am listening to some cherished LP vinyl recordings of organist Marek Kudlicki, who, as part of his jubilee (50th) US tour, will be performing a recital here this Sunday at 3 p.m. I acquired these recordings in Vienna, where I first met Marek in 1991. The power and the expressive beauty of the performances of music by Schumann, Reger, Lizst, and Rheinberger on these recordings are inspiring. Over the years, Mr. Kudlicki (pronounced “Kood-lit-skee”) has performed throughout the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. Sunday’s recital program will include some well-known organ repertoire, but is will also include some beautiful lesser-known works by Polish composers. Please promote this recital among your concert-going friends.

Here is some news on the Möller organ. This Sunday’s recital will be the last recital on our organ before the console is removed. Removal will take place on October 15 and 16. In a few weeks, a rented Rodgers electronic organ will be installed for temporary use. River Road Church is doing everything possible to place the console of the rental organ in the same position as the current console. We are also hoping that the speakers of the rental organ can be hoisted into the organ chambers so that they will not be visible. Thank you in advance for your patience with the whole process. We will do our best to navigate any rocks in the road as we move towards the installation of our new Richard Houghten console early next year.

Just a word or two about hymn singing. The congregation is always invited to sing the middle stanzas of our hymns in harmony. I prefer to play the middle stanzas unadorned, and I sometimes leave out the pedal part of a stanza so that you, the congregation, can fill the room with your sound. By the way, even if you believe that you are not a “singer,” please to engage in the hymn-singing process by silently reading the hymn along with those who are singing. Hymns are not just about music – they are sacred verse, and they deserve your attention.