If you have been in the Assembly Room or Chapel Hall in recent weeks, you may have noticed some new furniture hanging on the wall. Those custom-made cabinets each house a new 80” television. These projects have been in the works for years, and through a grant from the Endowment, they have finally been brought to completion.

The Assembly Room and Chapel Hall also have integrated sound systems so that you can not only hear what is playing on the screen, but includes wireless microphones for special services, presentations, and other programs where we need better speech reinforcement. We will no longer need to set up old screens, complex set up, and projectors awkwardly invading the center of the room. A presenter can connect nearly any presentation device (smart phone, computer, or tablet) to the input panel, turn on the television and microphone, and be ready to go. This will not only be value added to the quality of the programs in our church, but to the those in the community who share our facilities.

The Fellowship Hall has also received a state-of-the-art audio and video system. With just a couple of taps to the inconspicuously located touch screen by the stage, a screen drops from ceiling filling the stage, and a permanent high-power project fires up from the backstage. Just like the other two rooms, a presenter just needs to turn on a mic, plug in their device to the panel on the front of the stage, and she is on her way.

Need internet access? With the newly upgraded campus-wide Wi-Fi, showing online content with wireless ease can be done in virtually any room in the church.

Our gratitude is extended to the Communications Committee for the vision and planning, and to the Building and Property Council for overseeing these projects. We are also grateful for the River Road Preschool Development Center and their flexibility while working through these installations. We look forward to discovering each of the ways these technology upgrades enhance our ministry together with the quality and grace that is indicative of the programs at RRCB.

Written by Daniel Ingram