Just like my previous blog, it’s about food. You might remember that I enjoy all kinds of food – and lots of it. I am as happy eating a hot dog as I am sampling Dim Sum or experimenting with something more esoteric. That kind of eclecticism runs through my musical veins, too: Bach to rock (well, almost).

This month, music at River Road has been like a Greek diner with its myriad choices. Chancel Choir sang a Mozart mass and the Ave Verum, recently voted the world’s most beautiful piece of choral music. By contrast, last night, eighty or so church members joined in singing over a dozen favorite old hymns in the Fellowship Hall. This weekend, the building will rock as 175 youth participate in Youth Choir Jam – final concert on Saturday at 3 p.m. in the Sanctuary.

On Sunday morning, our Carol and Crusader Choirs will sing a simple, but poignant anthem called “Come One, Come All, Come Follow the Call.” A few minutes later, we will all join in singing Parry’s Jerusalem, set to the hymn text, “O Day of Peace, that Dimly Shines” – soon to be followed by Herbert Howells’s touching anthem, “O Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem” – a palette cleanser with great relevance considering the recent events in the Middle East. Sunday’s service will close with “Now Thank We All Our God” (both the hymn and the popular Karg-Elert voluntary) as we approach Thanksgiving – musical dessert.

Whether you are coming to church for services, sing-alongs, or rehearsals, come often and enjoy the abundance!