I don’t know about you, but for me, every August comes with a bit of nostalgia. It seems I should be packing my trunk, gathering my supplies, and making plans to return to college. The excitement and adventure of going to college never seems to leave one’s mind or spirit. As Minister to Youth, I have always looked forward to our college students return, whether for Christmas break or at the end of the year. Their enthusiasm and their growth is always exciting.

With assistance from Mark & Paula Miller, we try to keep up with our students during the year and offer a place for them to come when they are home. One of the ways we do that is by sending our college students a “Care Box” just before exams in December and at the end of the year. Our youth are getting ready to send the spring box this week. The box is filled with “goodies” and a letter wishing them well on their exams and encouraging them to come to church when they return home.

We will recognize all of our graduates on June 2nd, both high school, college and graduate school. This will offer you an opportunity to congratulate them on their milestone and perhaps to relive your own past experiences.