Desserts for CARITAS
Drop Off: February 2 or 3, 2022
9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., Fellowship Hall Kitchen

Thank you for volunteering to provide desserts for our CARITAS bridge week February 4-11, 2022.

Please sign up to provide one homemade dessert for CARITAS (we want to share the mission with as many people as possible!). In your signup, please note what type of dessert you will be providing. Serving size is your standard recipe (if you are making a cake, one cake is perfect. If you are making a pan of brownies, one pan is perfect).

Please keep the following in mind:

  • Use a disposable container/pan as we will not be able to collect any cake pans or baking pans afterwards
  • Use a container that allows the item to be transported safely
  • Please avoid using any nuts, peanuts or peanut butter for allergies.
  • Please avoid any dessert that needs to be frozen as we can’t keep the items at that temperature
  • If your dessert needs to be reheated, please provide instructions on how to reheat.

Desserts should be dropped off at the church and labeled CARITAS. Drop off in the Fellowship Hall kitchen on February 2 or 3, 9AM-5PM. If you have any questions, or need to schedule a different drop off time, please contact Laurie Gray.

Click Here to Sign Up


Collections for Men
Drop Off by February 6, 2022
Designated Bin in the Lower Commons

The men’s campus is in need of shower shoes/slides (NO flip flops/thong sandals), undershirts, underwear, and socks. Please drop these items off in the designated bin in the Lower Commons.