This letter was mailed out on Monday, September 29, 2014.

Dear Church Family,

River Road Church is a part of my life that is indescribable. Not many high school students can say that they have a loving and caring church family who is supportive, no matter what. Not many high school students can also say that they have a youth group as close knit and compassionate as ours. River Road Church is a unique community like no other.

Starting a new job, going to a new school, or meeting new people can all be very scary experiences. Most individuals would agree that having someone around, who helps to guide you through any new experience is well appreciated. River Road Church is a welcoming place created through our environment, congregation, and services. Welcoming visitors to our Sunday services is a wonderful tradition that embodies God’s acceptance of everyone.

There are several events here at River Road that standout and help to fulfill our purpose. CARITAS is an event that many members of this church participate in. It is not only about helping out those who are in need, but it is also about sharing our Christian experiences with those who benefit. Many times I have sat down with some of the women or men who come to the church for CARITAS, and they will share a life event that has somehow changed them or helped them to become closer to God. CARITAS is an experience that I enjoy helping out with because I love hearing stories that serve as messages from God.

As youth, we are always told that the future is in our hands, but as adult members of the congregation, you can also help us along the way. The adults who help younger children to grow and develop in their faith are just as important as the youth who will someday take over as leaders. Many River Road adults have been influential in the growth and development of the young men and women of our youth group.  I am thankful that our church has the ability to help children experience God through events such as CARITAS, Passport, and mission tours.  The Stewardship Campaign is very important in supporting children and youth ministries, and I ask that you continue to support our growth by contributing to the campaign.

Emma Phelps