1 Corinthians 1:1-9

Today is New Year’s Day. For many of us the signs of Christmas are out of sight until next year. The tree is bare and undecorated. Its balls and garlands are laid to rest in an attic box. Gone are the red bows and candles. Even the leftovers from the big Christmas dinner are eaten up save a few fruitcake crumbs and a little dried out ham. A few gifts need to be exchanged and somewhere some child is saying, “Aw, Mom do I really have to write Grandma a note thanking her for the sweater?” Unfortunately, the crèche is packed away for another year, too.

Many people confess that the days after Christmas evoke a sense of sadness and let down. For some they look forward to returning to the predictable routine of school and work. This is a good time to read the first few verses of Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians. In one sentence he tells us to give thanks always to God for his grace given to us in Christ Jesus. His is the gift of all gifts. All the grace and love we ever know comes from Him. He will keep us secure to the end. Our response is to be one of gratitude. His grace should be active in us and flow through us to other people. We are not to be passive recipients. The real response of Christmas is to live our lives with joy and thanksgiving for God’s gift to us all the days of the year.

Emily Tuck