Dear River Road Church family,

Far too often, church leaders issue stewardship appeals when the need is urgent. The boiler went out! The roof needs repair! The pastor hasn’t been paid! Certainly, when needs suddenly arise, we as a community of faith ought to step up and help out as we are able.

That said, this particular stewardship appeal is not urgent. In fact, for many of you, your gift to this appeal may not be given for years to come.

River Road Church, Baptist has been a caring and committed family of faith for more than 70 years. Many of us were born into this fellowship, received the gift of baptism in the chapel, made sacred wedding vows in the sanctuary, and placed our loved ones’ remains into the walls of the columbarium. And for all of us, as weekly we gather for worship, fellowship, and service, the risen Christ meets us here.

Christ meets us in the laughter of children in Sunday School. Christ meets us as we receive communion from our deacon. Christ meets us when a pastor visits in the hospital. Christ meets us in the soaring melodies of our choir. Christ meets us in the hugs and handshakes of our friends. Christ meets us as we serve food to homeless guests. Christ meets us in the mission service of our teenagers. The grace and spirit of Jesus Christ is found every time two or three (or all of us) gather together, bound in his love.

This great gift of Christ’s love, which we’ve found within the sacred halls of River Road Church, Baptist is a gift too great to keep to ourselves. We know we must share this with others.

Through a generous gift to the River Road Church Endowment, you have an opportunity to share the gift of God’s love with others both now and for years to come. Your gift will continue to bless your church family even after you’ve left earth for your eternal home.

As the Endowment celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, you are invited to gather in fellowship to learn about this stewardship opportunity and to pray about leaving a legacy of love to the ministries of River Road Church.

So while this appeal may not be urgent, it is vitally important. Please prayerfully consider giving.

With Kindest Regards,