Our children’s choirs gave a wonderful presentation on May 24. The Cherub Choir, made up of pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students, directed by Kim Crowley, sang folk songs such as Lord of the Dance and Hashivenu, and closed with Go Now in Peace. Our two older children’s choirs, the Carol and Crusader Choirs, put on A Table for Five….Thousand! a musical telling the story of Jesus’ miracle of multiplying the loaves and fishes from a little boy’s meal. They were directed by Linda Honaker and Kara Harman-Barrios, and accompanied by Bob Gallagher. The audience even got to participate as the children passed out bread for everyone to share. We are so blessed to have such talented children in our midst. Thanks to all who helped make the musical such a success, especially Linda, Kara, and Dr. Bob.

Written by Kim Crowley

Originally published in the 2017 Fall Quarterly Explorer