Children’s Ministry

We at River Road Church value children as a unique creations and gifts from God.  As a church, we make a commitment during our parent/child/church dedications that we will be models of faith and love to these families and especially the child in our midst. We covenant that we will guide them and uphold them on their journey of faith. Children have a lot to teach us about God, about our world, about how to love our neighbors, and about how to be faithful followers of Jesus. As we teach and guide them, so children teach and guide us.

Our children’s ministry offers opportunities for children and their families to become disciples of Jesus. They learn to love God and love their neighbors as themselves by learning scripture, fellowshipping together, worshipping, serving, and singing.


River Road Church believes in creating educational environments that are developmentally appropriate and fun for every child. To achieve this goal, we have created spaces for each age group suited to their needs from birth to fifth grade.