After the busy Advent season and endless snow days, what better way is there to go get children out of the house than to put an 8- to 10-pound ball in their hand and let them hurl it down an oily, wooden floor? It is better to have this happen at the bowling alley than your kitchen, for sure! River Road Church took a group of children, their families, and some friends to fellowship together with bowling and dinner one Saturday this past January. Not only did we get the chance to learn more about each other (beyond just our bowling skill level) but we all enjoyed an opportunity to welcome the Ingram family into our church family.

Spiritual formation does not happen exclusively within the walls of the church. One of the biggest drivers in helping individuals find their relationship with God is through helping them find relationships with other Christians. Christian development happens wherever more than one are gathered in the name of God. Finding your small group in the larger church family starts when we are children. The groups do not always stay exactly the same, but those connections formed when you are young can last throughout your life.

As a member of River Road Church, you should be proud of the number of opportunities we offer our children to develop friendships while they are young. Our goal is to provide the resources for them to grow in their understanding of God and being a Christian, and providing them a safe environment to find friends is a critical part of their spiritual formation. Thank you for providing these opportunities.

Written by Buddy Sumner

Originally published in the 2018 Spring Quarterly Explorer