Originally Published in the November 2014 Explorer

Most of the changes that take place around River Road Church, Baptist are so small and incremental they are hardly noticed. A tweak here and there claims little attention, nor should it.

A few recent changes deserve comment.

First, our building and property council has completed numerous projects. The plaza brickwork was restored this summer, a project that continued for over two hot months. Our preschool entrance enjoys a new look—complete with chandelier, carpet, new paint, and glass doors. A kitchen overhaul is under consideration.

Second, our sanctuary organ console has been removed, and until a new console is built and installed, an electronic organ resides in its place. A representative of the company from whom the rental organ was obtained has been on hand for the first two days of this week to get the organ set up for use in our sanctuary. Early next year we anticipate the installation of a new console.

Third, one of our youth, Robbie Newcomb, built three walking paths through the pine straw from the South parking lot to the road. This was an Eagle Scout project from which our members are the beneficiaries. Thanks, Robbie.

Fourth, Billy Burford has been employed as Intentional Interim Church Administrator. Billy retired last December after 16 years as Church Administrator at Richmond’s First Baptist Church. Billy will work part-time, mostly on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, to assist us with administrative tasks. He also will evaluate our administrative functions and processes and recommend ways for updating or improvement. We anticipate Billy will work with us about 18 months.

Fifth, LeAnne Lane, our Financial Secretary for almost seven years, has been named Office Manager. She will move from part- time to full-time, and will organize and direct the operations of our church office during weekdays. In this role she will pick up some of the day-to-day administrative roles previously carried out by our church administrator, such as handling matters related to our Columbarium.

Finally, our creative Stewardship Committee, with the assistance of our staff Communications Specialist Cassandra Ducca, has put together a series of brief videos featuring members of our church describing what they most love about River Road Church. It is a funny, poignant, thoughtful, and inspiring series of off-the-cuff testimonies of things that make this church great. Watch it on our website.

As fall deepens and Advent approaches, it is a great time to be a member of River Road Church, Baptist!