As newlyweds, Bonnie and I were seeking a church which would offer an environment for us to grow spiritually. The initial dilemma was that Bonnie and I had significantly different religious upbringings, Bonnie having grown up in a very Southern Baptist church, and I in an Episcopal church. After visiting many churches, we happened upon RRCB. It had then, as it does now, a very welcoming and supportive congregation, inspirational ministry, numerous programs and classes for our spiritual growth, wonderful music, and many opportunities to get involved in the life of the church. Moreover, our boys benefited immensely from the spiritual instruction and experience with the youth group and mission trips. Simply put, the church has been the most positive and transformational influence in our family’s life.

We have been blessed in many ways and live our lives with a keen sense of gratitude. We have always supported organizations and charities which have missions to support those in need and enrich lives. We feel fortunate and with a sense of gratitude that we have this annual opportunity to give back to the church we love which has done so much for us. Giving to the church not only supports the ministry of this congregation but reaches those outside our walls who need both spiritual and financial support.

As each of us reflects on our own personal stewardship pledge, we naturally will consider many competing factors such as our own personal budget, the volatility in our investments, saving for children’s education, mortgage payments, retirement savings… it is endless. These considerations can hold us back from making that sacrificial gift. Making a gift that challenges you in spite of these considerations is in a sense an affirmation of your faith. We trust that the Lord will keep us, and our gifts to the church are merely giving back a portion of our personal resources for which we are stewards.

So, it is with gratitude for all our blessings, we will challenge ourselves and stretch a bit with this stewardship gift. Honestly, we know of no better investment.

Written by Oliver and Bonnie Way


Growing in Commitment, Rooted in Faith