Celebration Sunday was just that—a celebration.

It was a celebration for the entire congregation of River Road Church, Baptist. To date [Wednesday, June 11, 2014] 226 pledges have been received committing $1,961,960 for restoration of our sanctuary organ, lighting, and sound. This exceeded our pledge goal of $1.5 million. Apparently we underestimated our God’s capacity to inspire and our congregation’s capacity for generosity. Isn’t it wonderful what we can accomplish when we work together toward a common end?

It was a celebration for the Steering Committee who worked so many hours to prepare and implement plans to inform the congregation of the campaign and host events to respond to questions about it.

It was a celebration for the worship life of our congregation. This campaign ensures that the place we meet for regular worship will be fitted for God’s purposes into the middle of the 21st century.

Many factors produced this successful campaign.

First, the need was clear and demonstrable. We all could understand that an organ, and lighting and sound systems, show wear after 45 years. Replacement costs, like those in our homes, may exceed the original cost of the item.

Second, those entrusted with making the case did so with printed materials, electronic posts, and videos that were attractive, accurate, and compelling.

Third, those who spoke to the case gave testimonies that were persuasive. Their example of generosity and support inspired our congregation.

Fourth, River Road members love our sanctuary and the music that takes place inside its walls. We enjoy excellence in music and worship, and we want others to enjoy these in the future.

Fifth, our members have been blessed with material means and the will to use it for Kingdom purposes. It is not lost on our members that God’s graciousness demands our generosity.

Sixth, our church is healthy. We want this vitality to continue and flourish.

Last, it does not hurt that our economy has rebounded for many of our people, allowing us resources that we may not have had when we talked about this project in 2007.

Thank you for making this past Sunday a celebration River Road Church will long remember.