We would like to say thank you for helping us host another wonderful CARITAS visit!  Everything went incredibly well.  Our 40 men were very appreciative of all of the kind words and friendly faces.

This year for the first time, we presented each man with a handmade scarf.  A huge thank you to Eleanor Burns for making this ministry happen and for all of the members who helped.  The scarves were appreciated when temperatures were in the forties each morning.

Wednesday night was Family Night with our youth and children leading the way.  They prepared lunches, served dinner and visited with our guests.  One of the highlights of the week was the children’s choir singing for the group.

Many thanks to the wonderful volunteers, for the great dinners, big sendoff breakfast, and the money that was donated by individuals and Sunday school classes.

It just gets better and better every year!  What a wonderful blessing!

Many thanks for all who make it such a wonderful community mission right here with our church family in God’s House!

Deb and Hilary