Dear Church Family,

Thank you each and every volunteer, staff member, and minister for the wonderful gifts you gave to the CARITAS Ladies (May 31 – June 7). You shared our beautiful church home for a week with ladies in a crisis by…

  1. bringing and working with your children to help set up cots and taking the cots out;
  2. making and serving meals;
  3. making sandwiches and cookies;
  4. packing lunches;
  5. making pillow cases;
  6. providing an evening of pedicures and manicures;
  7. giving your time to listen to stories of life’s challenges;
  8. teaching how to knit – a skill that they can use forever;
  9. collecting, sorting, giving, and packing toiletries for each guest;
  10. providing money for an evening at the food trucks;
  11. playing bingo;
  12. lending a listening ear;
  13. spending the night;
  14. helping in so many other ways!

If you were unable to join us this time, we would love to have your help on October 18-25, 2014 when we will house 40 men. Please let us know anything that you would like to teach, give, or share with our guests!

Deb Gray