During this great evolution of CARITAS, our church will be providing a large dinner the night of Feb 8th and lunches for all the men in emergency shelter the week of February 7-15. CARITAS calls this a Bridge Week. There are many different opportunities to help with this mission. Please sign up as you are able.

Here are some of the opportunities:

  • bake cookies — 40 cookies, place 2 per ziplock bags and put into Church Freezer marked “CARITAS”. Please avoid anything peanut due to allergies.
  • purchase ice cream and ice cream toppings — Pick a fun flavor, the clients love the variety! Place in the church freezer marked “CARITAS”; Suggestions: sprinkles, chocoloate M&Ms, Chocolate and/or caramel Syrup, Canned Whipped Cream
  • provide hardboiled eggs — please keep the eggs in the shells, place back into their container and mark “CARITAS” on the carton
  • assist cooking dinner — Assist Scott Leake cooking in the RRCB Kitchen
  • assemble lunches
  • transport food
  • serve dinner
  • facilitate BINGO night — Assist Deb Gray with Bingo.

*Please Note: Onsite opportunities at the CARITAS facilities are only available for individuals 18 and up.*

If there is something else you might like to provide or have any questions, please contact Laurie Gray at laurie7anne@yahoo.com.


  • If you have any questions about CARITAS, please contact Laurie Gray or Deb Gray.

Learn more:

CARITAS is the largest provider of homeless services in the Metro Richmond area.  Learn more about the great things CARITAS is doing in our community by visiting their website and be inspired!

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