Capital Campaign

Rejoice & Give Thanks

River Road Church has embarked on a capital campaign to secure funds necessary for the restoration of our sanctuary pipe organ, and the upgrading of our sanctuary lighting and sound systems. Our goal is to raise $1.5 million over a period of three years. The theme of our campaign is Rejoice & Give Thanks: God’s House, Our Time.

Our campaign culminates on June 8, with a Commitment Sunday Worship Service and Celebration. This website is designed to help answer questions about the campaign, its goals and rationale, and keep you informed as to its progress. We invite you to read and prayerfully consider the information presented.

As the campaign concludes, donations are received, and work commences, this website will remain to provide updates until all work funded by the campaign is complete.
Our opportunity to be faithful stewards of the River Road Church sanctuary is an occasion for joy and thanksgiving. Now is the time for us to ensure that this magnificent space continues to serve its vital functions for decades to come. Join us as we Rejoice & Give Thanks. Indeed, it is God’s House, and it is Our Time.

Campaign Booklet

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Organ Console

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