Commitment Sunday of our Rejoice and Give Thanks capital campaign took place on June 8, when we committed our gifts to God’s kingdom in this place.  A celebration took place following the worship service and the pledge total was announced.  Prior to the announcement of the total, Co-Chair Hilton Almond spoke to those gathered.

Margaret and I want to thank you, members of the congregation of River Road Church, for giving us, along with Seth and Libby, the opportunity and honor of serving as Co-Chairs of the Capital Campaign for the organ and Sanctuary.  It has been a joyful, positive, and rewarding experience.

I have to admit that when the first team meeting was held on the 9th of April, I had doubts as to whether we could get organized, formulate and implement a plan, and be ready to conclude with a celebration today, two short months later.  Fortunately, we had an excellent Steering Committee, consisting of very talented and dedicated individuals to help along the way….

We have met with many of you in a variety of venues over the past month.  We thank you for your questions, comments, and support.  We have all been impressed by the positive, can-do attitude we have met on all these occasions.  Even LeAnne Lane, our financial secretary, has commented that many of you brought your pledge personally to her and that your enthusiasm for the campaign was obvious and apparent.  It has made our job that much easier.  It has been a joy.

campaign-goal-met-sliderCo-Chair Seth Roberts then stepped to the podium to announce the news the group had all been waiting for.  Total pledges: $1,921,777.

The gathered group erupted in applause.  Mike Clingenpeel, Pastor, gave concluding remarks, expressing his gratitude for all the hard work of the committee and for the outpouring of support by the congregation to this worthy endeavor.  He reminded those gathered that funds raised in excess of costs incurred to restore the organ and update the lighting and sound systems will be brought back to the church to decide how best to apply them to the needs of God’s Kingdom.

This is God’s house.  This is our time.  Let us Rejoice and Give Thanks.