Sunday, April 24
12:15 p.m., Fellowship Hall

The April business meeting will be held immediately following worship. We need a quorum of 100 to conduct the business of the church.

At the January, 2016 regular business meeting, the following was proposed as an amendment to the By-laws of the Church:

That the Membership Committee henceforth be known as the Member Engagement Committee;

That the Member Engagement Committee move from status as a Special Committee (appointed from 2013 – 2016) to a Standing Committee of the Church beginning for the Church Year 2017.


The Member Engagement Committee shall consist of no fewer than ten (10) members elected by the Church beginning 2017.


The Committee shall develop and coordinate specific procedures to identify individuals who may have an interest in (or might develop an interest in) the “Purpose” of River Road Church, and encourage their affiliation with the Church; and, to identify and encourage less active Members to become more active in the life of the Church. The Committee shall work with the Church Staff, the Boards of the Church, and the Communications Committee in concert to increase membership and participation of less active members.

This proposed Amendment to the By-laws will be considered at this April 24, 2016 meeting and must receive a favorable vote of three-fourths (3/4) of members, present and voting in order to become a part of the By-laws.

The Church will also consider any other business to come before the meeting.