The Building & Property Council has ambitious plans for 2013. Funding for all of these projects is from generous support of the RRCB Endowment Fund. The B&P Council is led by John Heisler, and is looking at the following projects this year:

  • New Ramp for the Chapel. Handicap access to the Chapel is currently very difficult. Entrances in the Preschool area or the Sanctuary are quite a distance from the Chapel. A new ramp is planned under the alcove, to the left of the Front Office entrance door. Construction should start in March, with funding provided by the Endowment Board.
  • Improved Lighting in Worship Areas. An electrical engineer will be contracted to look at the Chapel, Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall to determine how to improve the lighting in these areas. The engineer will look to brighten the areas where needed, and to install more energy efficient lights. He will also recommend improved lighting for the stained glass window in the Sanctuary to make it more visible during night services.
  • Master Landscape Plan. The last landscape plan for the church was dated 1998, and pre-dates the last building expansion, new parking lot and Columbarium. An updated plan will allow us to think about how we want to show our church to the community.
  • Steeple Evaluation. If you drive down Forest this week, you will see Trinity taking down their steeple to replace it with a new one. Our painters cautioned us about the condition of the steeple during the last paint job. We have contracted an architect to evaluate the current condition of our steeple and to provide recommendations on sidings, coatings, etc that could protect it from costly repairs.