Psalm 29

It is early morning and the house is quiet. Snow has fallen all during the night and there is a hushed stillness in the air. Only the hoof prints of deer break the solid blanket of white and the palpable beauty of crispness in the air makes everything seem serene. A red cardinal sits on the snow-covered branches of the holly tree. I breathe deeply, wondering at the silence and feeling as if the world has stopped for just a few peaceful moments.

These moments, this wonder, this calm….. open my mind to the powerful message of silence and God feels very near.

And when, in summer I witness the crackling streaks of lightning over the water and hear the rolls of thunder, I breathe deeply wondering at the power and majesty of the atmosphere and feeling as if the world is shaking.

These moments, the power, the majesty….opens my mind to the forceful message of power and God feels very near

And, journeying through towering mountains and peaks of evergreens, I stop to survey the unfathomable beauty of the land. The air is clean and pure; the sunlight plays through the canyons. I breathe deeply, wondering at the force of creation and the significance of time.

These moments, the magnificence, the enormity…opens my mind to the enormity of life and God feels very near.

Today God, I want to be conscious; conscious of silence, of power and beauty and time. I will take time to know that You are always near.

Diana Mahoney