I think God sent Jesus to this earth to show humans how to live a fulfilling life. I think that Jesus was sent here to set an example for the people. He was sent to show grace and love to everyone something that most people in that day didn’t do. I believe God and Jesus are loving, accepting of all, and forgiving. Yes that may sound cliché but it really is what I believe embodies God and Jesus. Whenever I have doubts or anxieties about anything in my life I know that I can rely on God and Jesus not only to have for comfort, but to pray to and talk to and hand over all of my worries and joys. I know that I am never alone with God by my side. They are a constant that Christians can always rely and know are always there for them. I think that with this knowledge and understanding I can work to spread his word to those who aren’t believers and even those who are. I can show God’s love by being a good person every day and doing the best I can to model the behaviors of a loving and devout Christian, like Jesus was. Another way I can show the love of God and Jesus is by using my gifts and talents. As many of you know I love volleyball, acting, singing, and doing anything active. I think I can work to show Gods love and mercy by doing the things I love. I also think participating in community service demonstrates the love of God. Whether it be as simple as holding the door for others or packing lunches for CARITAS I know by doing this I am impacting someone’s life. I want to be baptized because I feel that I am ready to fully accept God and Jesus Christ as my savior because I know that I can model my actions based off of how Christ acted, and I can always rely on God to hold my hand through times of Joy and struggles.

Parker B.
May 19, 2019