I want to be baptized because I believe that God is our savior and loves us not matter what. I believe Jesus died on the cross for our sins. I believe God sent Jesus to watch over us, guide us, and to help people to get through rough times in life. Also, I believe God sent Jesus to be our shepherd and we are the sheep.

Going to PASSPORT the last few summers led my decision to being baptized. It was there that I felt a lot closer to God. I made new friends from other churches and got to know people from my own church more. I have come to know Jesus from PASSPORT and through tough times. Also, I have come to know who Jesus is from CARITAS and Rise against Hunger. At CARITAS, serving meals made me feel like I was making a small impact in others lives. When I participate in Rise Against Hunger, I feel good knowing that 10,000 meals I helped package go to those that need food. I want to be able to continue to find ways to make a positive impact on others. To make this world a better church, I can offer more of my time participating in activities that help others. Also, I can encourage my peers by asking people if they want to participate in activities such as Rise against Hunger, youth group, and CARITAS.

Jackson K.
December 1, 2019