One of the most important experiences I’ve ever had—one that has strengthened my faith and my relationship with God—has been going to PASSPORT Camp. The past two summers, I have gone with our church to PASSPORTkids at Eagle Eyrie. There, I learned that with God I am fearless, and that I am brave and strong. I also learned how much God loves me—that with God, I am enough. This past summer, one of the daily bible verses that stuck with me the most was 1John 4:18: “Where God’s love is, there is no fear, because God’s perfect love drives out fear.” I want to be baptized today because I know that God loves me and I want to grow in his love. Because of God’s great love, I don’t have to be afraid, and I’m learning to trust God more and more every day.

I believe that God is always with me. And even though God doesn’t take away all the scary or sad things in life, God does help us through it. God does this for me personally, and also for us together as a church. We don’t have to be afraid about the future.

I believe that we’re called to spread the love of Christ. We do this by sharing love through words andactions. God sent Jesus to give us an example of how to love and serve others. I believe that Jesus showed who God was and what his love was capable of.

This church has also shown me love and helped me grow: people like my mom and dad, my sister, Marnie, the entire Youth Group, Mrs. Graves, Mrs. Seward, Mrs. Rooney, Mrs. Shoemake, and Mrs. Kim. They have helped me discover who Jesus is for me, and how to follow him.

I want to continue to serve River Road Church and this world through Rise Against Hunger, CARITAS, mission trips, and worshiping God together every week.

Ashley G.
December 1, 2019