While my office was in the process of being painted, all I could think about was, “What am I going to put on the walls?” I picked and planned everything according to space, color, size, and visibility. If you visit me, you will find artworks that include a photograph of the Richmond skyline and two abstract paintings that I made specifically for my office. However, there is a still big blank wall.

As some people know, I went to the University of the Arts for Communication in Philadelphia. One of my main reasons for attending art school was so I could be surrounded by the different mediums and be exposed to the art culture. From this, many of my friends are artists, and it has even inspired me to dabble in abstract painting (emulating Jackson Pollock).

Since I started working here at River Road, I have had opportunities to meet several artists. I even got a little excited when I found out that there are Watercolor classes offered every so often.

I got to meet Bob Harper while I was helping the Arts Committee get ready for their summer exhibit, which featured Bob’s work. He brought in some photos of his work, and I was amazed by the pictures and I couldn’t wait to see them in person. If you have been through the Lower Commons in the last three weeks, you have been able to see Bob’s art. What I find the most fascinating is as I go through and look at the work, and I see the faces, I try to understand what their story is and who this person is. And then I remember: the faces are real people. They are real people that Bob has met and was inspired by them.

The exhibit was taken down today, and I will admit that I am going to miss the paintings and the life that radiates from them. But I have to remember, I still have a blank wall in my office, and it won’t be long until there is life emanating from all of the walls in my office.

by Cassandra Ducca, Communications Specialist