Romans 10:8-13

Though Advent is the traditional season of waiting in the Christian church, I find myself more impatient during Lent. At the conclusion of Lent stands the Cross, where sins are absolved and salvation is sure. Lent, however, is fraught with the constant recognition that I am sinful and that I am incapable of self-rescue. I imagine myself during Lent as a drowning person totally aware of the weights tied to my ankles, and yet, unable to remove them.

Our passage today details how to get the attention of the life guard on our soul’s beach. Beyond acknowledging our own sin, Paul reminds us that true confession is God-focused. He writes that “if you confess that Jesus is Lord and believe that God raised him from death, you will be saved.” Deliberate confession converts our passive faith in Christ into active saving Grace. And further, we have this assurance that “whoever believes in him will not be disappointed.” With no exceptions. What a tremendous guarantee.

Lest we forget that Lent is also a season of waiting for God. He who can do all things abundantly, far beyond what we could ever imagine or hope, can do nothing until we call on Him confidently to rescue us as we flail about in a sea of sin. It gives Him great joy to bring us safely to shore.

Prayer: God, I honestly confess who I am and what I have done, and I confidently confess who You are and your great power to save. Amen.

Bailey Thomson