Would you be one of our 20 writers this season?

During this upcoming Advent season, I would like our church to reflect on the hope, joy, peace, and love Jesus brings into our lives. This year, our congregation will write a series of Advent devotionals that we would like to post on our website daily during the Advent season. There are four themes to coincide with the Advent wreath:


Advent is a season of waiting, anticipating the coming of the Messiah, the Christ child. What does it mean to hold on to hope in the midst of waiting? What emotions fill our lives when we live into hope? How does hope change how we interact with God and each other? When was a particular time in your life when you experienced hope tangibly? How does that experience inform this season of anticipation and hope for you?


Jesus Christ came as a Prince of Peace. As we wait together for the coming of this Prince, reflect on how Christ’s peace is made manifest in your own life. Where do you see peace in action in this world? Who do you know that has lived a life of peace? What experiences in your life brought you deep peace? How does this experience inform this season of anticipation of the coming of Christ, who would choose peace?


Joy is an emotion deeper than any fleeting happiness. Joy wells up from a place of contentment that God’s promises bring about in the life of Jesus, who comes to bring joy to this world in ways the world has never experienced. How have you experienced joy in your life – in giving to others, in experiencing art, in the birth of a child? When you revisit these memories, how does that influence how you spend the Advent season? How do you experience joy even when faced with fear? Who in your life personifies the deep joy Christ brings to us?


God’s gift of unconditional love went as far as love can go – from sharing of life through the birth of the Christ child, to the loss of a child to bring life to the world in reconciliation. As we get closer to the arrival of Jesus, we remember this profound love God has for this world and we attempt to emulate it. When in your life have you given or received love that perhaps you didn’t feel you deserved or that took all your strength to give? What does Christ’s love look like in others? How can you provide love during this season of waiting?

Details & Information

  • 400-500 words
  • Write about how this theme conjures up memories, thoughts, or hopes for your life in and out of church
  • Reflect on Scripture or an inspirational message or a worship tradition (See the lectionary scriptures for Advent here if you’d like some scriptural inspiration for the season! But feel free also to use other scriptures, inspirational quotes, art, music, or other worship traditions as well – Be creative!])
  • Due to Libby Grammer via email by November 19th
  • Devotions will be posted from December 3rd to December 24
  • There is a limit of 5 sign ups/devotions to each theme.

Sign Up

If you have any questions or would like any assistance in signing up for a devotional, please don’t hesitate to contact Libby Grammer.