As a pastor in Waco, Texas, I found that our church was especially interested in adoptions! Our college students came to me first, with a list of wonderful collegians that lived too far away from family to return home—except for a distant holiday. Our church already had “adopted” nine international students who lived across the back alley of the church in a house where they shared meals and paid a utility bill while occupying one of nine bedrooms in the two story building donated by a church member to the church.

Eighteen college students asked the congregation to “adopt” them individually, and eighteen “seasoned adults” adopted them—with a commitment to plan an “event” with them every three weeks (a meal at a home, a game of miniature golf, a movie, or an outing of mutual interest—whatever student and adopting adult agreed to do together).

Folks enjoyed the plan so much that the deacons decided one day to offer another “adoption”;they invited single parents with small children, or young parents with no family nearby, to be adopted by a “grandparent for the year,” where a child might enjoy a special monthly activity with a grey-headed church member who might take parent and child to an outing, or just have a playtime with a child while a busy parent might go shopping.

Adoptions don’t have to be for life.  Anyone care to adopt?