Originally published in the monthly Explorer, February 2014 edition.

For several months now, the link has gone mostly unnoticed at the top of the church’s webpage. “Member Login” it reads. In a few committee and board meetings it has been mentioned, but without much fanfare. We wanted a few folks to start using it, exploring, testing, before making it well known.

Screen shot 2014-02-06 at 3.33.00 PM

If you have clicked it out of curiosity, you may have found yourself perplexed at the screen that comes up asking for a username and password. Perhaps you shrugged it off, thinking it must not be for you. Perhaps you pressed on, clicking the “Need login?” link and receiving a username and password to gain access. But most likely you never noticed it was there. This is your invitation to not only notice the link, but click on it!

If you have ever found yourself needing contact information for a church member, you have the ability to access such information through a password protected area of the church website. While you are always welcome to call the Church Office for member information, you should know that they are going to pull up the same information that is available in this member area.

Through your own personal username and password, you can login to the Access ACS system and look up directory information, pull up a list of the people in your Sunday School class or a committee you serve on, check the church calendar for upcoming events, and even access your own giving history.

Even now, you can go into your own family record and update contact information, add alternate phone numbers or email addresses, and even upload a photo! It is a virtual church directory, accessible only to those who are part of our church family, and always up to date. Well, as up to date as people remember to share changes with the Church Office! (If you move and don’t tell us, we can’t pretend to know where you now live.) As folks become more familiar with the system, we could unlock even more functions. The system could be setup to let folks register for Wednesday night dinner or sign up for a church workday. It could track interest in mission opportunities or list specific volunteer needs in the church and have people respond. Committee chairs could use it to send messages to their members. Choir registration in the fall could happen in Access ACS. Your place on a youth trip could be reserved with Access ACS. But setting up the system to do these things makes no sense if nobody is using it.

We need you to visit the church website and click on the link in the upper right hand corner labeled “Member Login.” Click the “Need a login?” link to enter your name and email address and get your own personal login information sent to you via email. If the church doesn’t have your email address on file, you will first need to contact the Church Office with that. Once you are logged in, start exploring!

Interested in learning more? Contact Cassandra Ducca or Sheryl Johnson for more information or help using the system.