John 15:9-16

The holiday season is coming to a close. The Christmas turkey and New Year’s ham have long been eaten. Christmas decorations are being put away in the attic, safe until next December. Christmas cards that were filled with family newsletters and photos have been reviewed one last time, and tucked away for safekeeping. Space has been made on shelves or in closets for the gifts that were received from family and friends.

It was a wonderful Christmastime, and all that is left are memories – and the thank you notes. When I quit procrastinating and finally sit down to write the notes, I really enjoy myself. It gives me a chance to reflect on not only the gift, but the person and meaning behind the gift, and how much I cherish them all.

The devotional scripture today focuses on love. What greater gift of love could God have given us than his son, Jesus Christ? Please indulge me while I share my prayerful thank you note to God:

Dear God,

What can I say? Your gift to me of your son, Jesus Christ, is not just generous, it’s overwhelming. Though I did not deserve it, your expression of love by giving him to me is the ultimate expression of love. Following in His path means following You. Loving Him means loving You. Jesus personifies love, which is the essence of your nature, and the perfection of mine. Thank you so much.

In loving gratitude,

Becky Spicer