This is a true story about a book entitled Joshua, a parable by Joseph Girzone, and about how the book was brought to my attention and by whom.  You see, one of the members of our RRCB Sunday School class, the Friendship class, loaned it to me.  The why goes back a good number of years ago to a traffic jam in Pennsylvania.  The class member I am referring to was driving one of the cars which I will call the front car.  Traffic was stopped.  Behind the class member’s car was another car, the driver of which was passing through the area to his destination beyond.  He thought he knew how to get there, but he wasn’t sure.   While traffic was stopped, he got out of his car and walked to the car in front of him – and tapped on the side window.  The window rolled down and the class member greeted him.  The lost traveler explained his situation.  And, the class member thought a few seconds, then assured him he was headed in the right direction.  He further suggested that the traveler turn right onto another route number some blocks ahead.  The lost traveler expressed his thanks and headed back to his car.

After a few minutes, the class member thought some more and got his road map out of the glove compartment.  There he found exactly how far it was to the turnoff.  So he got out of his car and went back to the traveler’s car, then tapped on his window.  He then shared the road map and refined directions for the traveler to follow.  He was thanked again, then he headed back to his car.  After a few minutes, the class member heard tapping on his window again.  He rolled down his window, and it was the lost traveler again.  This time he handed the class member an autographed book, entitled Joshua.  That was the same book, the exact book which was later loaned to me by our friend in that front car, Bill Moore.  The lost traveler in the car behind was Priest Joseph Girzone, author of Joshua.  Bill was simply being the Bill Moore we all knew — friendly, helpful — a symbol of our class.  The book is a good read reflecting the teachings and human personality of Jesus in the character Joshua living in our current times and culture.

This Glimpse of Faith is submitted in memory of Bill Moore.