Luke 2: 5-7

Today’s three verses make giving birth sound so easy and effortless. There seems to be so much missing from the telling of Mary’s birth experience. We are preparing for our own “first son,” and have found that there is so much to worry about and consider. In today’s world we will go to birthing classes that will prepare us for the birth of our child. We already know exactly where we will deliver – at a hospital with a doctor guiding the entire process.

by Elizabeth W.
Luke 2:5-7

Mary had none of this preparation and support. Can you imagine how terrified she must have been? She was a young mother who likely had no idea what to expect from the labor and birth process. When her time came, the only place she and her husband could find was a barn as there “was no room in the inn.” There were no nurses and doctors present to ensure the safety and comfort of the mother and child. Mary was alone with her husband and the barnyard animals. And while she was in great pain and struggling to give birth, she must have been concerned for her child’s health and safety.

Her concern was probably heightened because she knew she was not giving birth to just any child, she was birthing the Son of God. We imagine that during this time, both she and Joseph prayed to God and that their faith in him helped them endure the process of giving birth to Jesus Christ. It is amazing to think of what Mary (and Joseph) underwent to give birth to our Lord and Savior. When reading these few verses today, imagine the scene and all that Mary and Joseph went through to give “birth to [their] first son.”

Jack and Sara Heisler