I don’t know how you spend your Saturday mornings. Perhaps you sleep in, then get up and fix a leisurely breakfast. Or you may do the opposite—hop up early and start ticking to-do’s off your list.

Either way, I have an excellent way for you to begin next Saturday, September 6.

For you slow risers, it involves rolling out of bed in time to be in the parking lot of Trinity United Methodist Church by 8 a.m., dressed in clothing suitable for a run, slog (slow jog), or walk through the Westham neighborhood. On the plus side, you will not be alone. Instead, you will be joined by about 200 others runners, sloggers, and walkers who are eager to cover the 3.1 miles at their chosen pace.

Also on the plus side, your entry fee of $25, $30 if you pay that morning, will go for a worthy cause. Two camps will receive the funds raised this year—Camp Alkulana (Baptist) and Westview on the James (Methodist). Both are places people go to experience God in the beauty of nature.

Also on the plus side, if you are swift afoot, are prizes that are awarded to first, second, and third-place finishers in different age groups.

Also on the plus side, you are asked to bring a can of tuna or jar of peanut butter to donate to Feedmore, which means that in addition to good exercise, the companionship of friends, the chance to win a prize, and an opportunity to help a good cause, you can help feed someone in our community who is hungry.

The final plus side is that there will be food available when you finish your run, slog, or walk. Or if you plan well, you can always go out to eat a big breakfast because the event will be over by 9:30 that morning, time to have a full day of whatever it is you do on Saturday including go to the football game at UVA.

The Mission Footprint 5K is September 6. There are lots of pluses. Come and join the fun.