During my childhood, my mother had a “Rainy Day Fund.” Maybe you remember such funds being used in your family. My mother saved on groceries and other household expenses and funds she received from sewing projects. These funds were put away for special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas, or they were used for unexpected expenses such as a washing machine or tires for the car. Those funds came in handy, especially with four children. When we needed something special for school, my mother always seemed to find the money. I did not realize at the time how much work and effort went into making those funds available. Many times, my mother was saving her “Rainy Day Fund” for something she needed – a new coat or a pair of shoes – only to see it used for some other member of the family.

For me, the Endowment Fund at River Road is similar to the “Rainy Day Fund” of my childhood. Over the years, individuals have given to a fund designed to meet the extraordinary needs of the church. Funds were saved and invested in order to be available when a need arose outside of the normal budget. Thus, we have all benefited from a “Rainy Day Fund” that has painted our church, updated our cooling and heating, and repaired our roof. In recent years, the fund has been able to expand its gifts to provide funding for mission, youth, and personnel programs.

The youth ministry of our church has benefited greatly from such extraordinary funding. Young people have been nurtured in summer camp programs such as PASSPORT and Unidiversity. They have taken part in special mission projects in our city and around the world. They have built houses in Church Hill and have entered into a partnership with Westover Baptist Church. They have built a house for a homeless family in Jefferson City, Tennessee. Over the last 28 years, they have help construct and repair a Conference Center for the youth of Maine. They have helped a church in Nova Scotia and built a playground for a youth camp in Slovakia. Most recently, the Endowment Fund has recognized the musical gifts of our young people by providing funds to purchase equipment for a band.

Maybe we would have accomplished these projects without a “Rainy Day Fund.” I believe it would have been far more difficult and not nearly as pleasurable. I am convinced that the individuals who have given to the fund are pleased our influence is so widely recognized.

The River Road Church Endowment Fund provides critical support to the church in carrying out meaningful and life-changing ministries. You’re invited to attend at least one of the 50th anniversary celebration gatherings on April 24, April 27, May 2, May 4, May 9, and May 11.  For more information and to make your reservation at one of the gatherings by April 14, click here.