Originally read during Worship on Sunday, October 21.

All of my life I have been in church. Being the daughter of a Baptist minister I didn’t have much of a choice to opt out when it came to church activity. We regularly attended church on Sunday mornings for Sunday School and Worship (my mother would prepare Sunday lunch before leaving the house so when we returned we would have lunch together as a family). We went back to church on Sunday evenings and attended Wednesday night dinners as well. Our lives were always centered around church.

I have been blessed to have been raised in churches in Bristol, VA, and Louisville, KY. These churches are where I learned about my faith, where I was baptized, where I learned how to live as a Christian, sang in the choir, played the piano, learned about missions in GA’s, went to Vacation Bible School, attended youth choir tours, retreats, and mission trips.

The dedication of my family, the church staff and the congregations of these churches helped to teach, nurture, and encourage me in my journey of faith. I am deeply grateful for the many people who invested their time, talent, and resources to contribute to the richness of my life.

John and I have been at RRCB for more than 15 years and we are thankful for what this community of faith has provided for our family. Our children have shared many of the same experiences that we did as children and youth. Isn’t this what we want for our children? To build a strong foundation for their Christian faith journey? To experience Worship, Sunday School, music, missions, and fellowship in a nurturing, Christian environment?

Many of you have freely given your time, talent, and resources to RRCB. For that I thank you. Thank you for your love, dedication, service and support.

Our work at RRCB will always be needed; you see we can’t opt out on church. We must continually dedicate ourselves to providing Christian Education, Worship, Music Ministries, Missions, Staff, Outreach, Fellowship, and the maintenance of our beautiful church. It is what we are called upon to do as Christians.

Jesus gave up his life for us. We must continue to further His kingdom here on earth by being good stewards of the many blessings he has bestowed upon us.

Christian Stewardship is our trusting response to a loving God by offering time, talents and resources in acts of love, gratitude and faithfulness.