I have a cross-stitched sign in my office that reads: “It is better to meet a mother bear robbed of her cubs than to meet some fool busy with a stupid project.” This little ditty comes straight from Proverbs 17:12 in Today’s English Version. It is Bible, and across the years I have discovered the truth of this text.

At last Wednesday evening’s business meeting our congregation voted in favor of a new project, but it is not at all stupid. It is worth our thoughtful support.

The vote that took place was to form a Membership Committee that will work with staff, boards, and committees “to develop and coordinate initiatives to reach out to the community and encourage persons not currently part of the River Road family to become involved in the worship, fellowship, and ministries of the Church.” The committee also will work with inactive members to involve them in our ministries.

The committee will have no more than 12 members and will exist for at least three years.

The skill set needed for this group consists of people who are enthusiastic about River Road Church, who are comfortable making contact with persons who may have visited our church and talking with them about the church’s work, and who are eager to see our congregation welcome new friends to our fellowship.

We think these tasks are best done by volunteers rather than draftees, so we would like for anyone who is interested to contact the Church Office (804-288-1131) to make your interest known. You may also contact John Heisler (804-741-9320) or Sara Heisler (804-380-3351).

Will you take part in our efforts to reach out?